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Tianna Dress - Vintage Rose

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Would the princess kiss the frog?

Here is our Tianna Dress in a soft corduroy quality. It is trendy and comfy at the same time!
The detajls as the star on the arms as well as the beautiful embroideries would make the small ones jump into the story right away.

This dress is produced in Øke Tex material.





SKnit the bushes from Champs in a soft, delicious quality. Here, quality, style and comfort have gone up into a higher unit.

Laundry advice from Champs of Denmark

Laundry advice for clothes
It is important to follow the washing instructions on the marks in the clothes, in order to maintain the quality of the clothes and longer-term color. There is nothing worse than getting rid of moss or dirt on your clothes and ruining the laundry by washing incorrectly. Remember to follow common sense mixed with what is on the laundry tips. Some clothes are more delicate than anything else and must be washed by hand. What is best can be seen on the carelabel on the inside of the clothing. If you, like many others, have doubts about washing your clothes, here are some tips you can follow:

How often do you need to wash your children's clothes
Children's clothing does not need to be put in the washing machine after each use. You can vent it to make it fresh again if it is not dirty. But of course, if there is leftover food and other debris on the clothes, it must be washed.

What to remember when washing?
It is important to follow the wash instructions in relation to the washing temperature, program and how the clothes should be treated after washing. Also, be sure to check if you put on your great children's clothing, along with a new piece of clothing that can be contaminated.

When different faves are washed together?
It is always a good idea to wash white clothing for yourself, because even if your red tshirt is washed before it can still be contaminated on the white body.